Restored antique and vintage furniture

Explore Baiards' collection of restored antique and vintage furniture, where each piece tells a unique story. From elegant 19th-century furniture to charming mid-20th-century designs, their selection features a variety of styles and eras. Every item has been carefully restored to offer both beauty and functionality. With more furniture than Baiards can showcase on their website, Catalan dressers, large wardrobes, and display cabinets are the clearest examples of this experienced craftsman's identity.

Restored antique furniture for modern homes

Baiards' restored antique furniture is the perfect choice for adding a touch of character and distinction to any modern or contemporary space. Whether in a home, office, or commercial establishment, these restored pieces add charm and personality, blending the allure of the past with present-day aesthetics.

Baiards, catalog of antique and vintage furniture

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Antique and vintage restored furniture: The perfect touch for modern spaces

In the quest for a unique and character-filled interior design, restored antique and vintage furniture is an exceptional choice. These pieces add a layer of historical charm and a sense of nostalgia to modern, clean, and minimalist spaces, striking a perfect balance between the old and the contemporary.

What do restored antique and vintage furniture bring to your home?

Historical charm

Restored antique furniture adds a layer of history and authenticity to any environment, creating a cozy and unique atmosphere.

Unique character

Each restored piece of furniture has its own story and heritage, adding distinctive character to the space and making it stand out among the multitude of modern designs.

Lasting quality

Many antique furniture pieces are built with high-quality materials and artisanal manufacturing techniques, giving them exceptional durability and making them suitable for daily use.


Opting for restored antique furniture is an eco-friendly way to decorate, as it gives them a second life instead of contributing to excessive consumption of natural resources.


These pieces are versatile and adapt to a variety of decorative styles, from rustic to industrial, adding depth and character to interior design.

Diversity of origins

Not all antique furniture comes from bourgeois or wealthy environments. Some of these treasures were simple functional objects found in kitchens, farms, and even workshops of the time, giving them a unique authenticity and unmatched rustic charm.


In summary, restored antique and vintage furniture offer much more than just functionality; they add history, character, and a touch of personality to any modern space. With their uniqueness and timeless charm, they are an exceptional choice for those seeking distinctive and character-filled interior design.

Use of restored antique and vintage furniture in stores

In the era of contemporary aesthetics and the pursuit of the new, the charm of the past is often overlooked. Restored antique and vintage furniture brings a sense of warmth and familiarity to stores and commercial spaces. In a world dominated by uniformity and mass production, these pieces stand out for their uniqueness.

From antique display cabinets elegantly showcasing products to restored sideboards adding a touch of rustic charm, restored antique furniture can completely transform the atmosphere of a store.