Sant Llorenç de Savall, Barcelona, the perfect destination to discover unique furniture and objects in a special setting.

In this picturesque village, surrounded by stunning natural scenery, you will find a carefully curated collection of peculiar and distinctive pieces. At Baiards,  vintage and antique furniture tells its own story, and behind them stands an experienced and passionate carpenter-artisan. With deep expertise in art, restoration, and creation, Baiards treats and presents the contents of its catalogue as what it truly is: a splendid collection where history, craftsmanship, and good taste converge.


Restored antique and vintage furniture

from Barcelona,  Vallès occidental

Restoration and construction of rustic furniture, industrial style furniture, art deco, retro, modernist, Provencal furniture...

Charles an Ray Eames:

«Quality is never an accident; It is always the result of an intelligence effort»

A lifetime dedicated to the restoration and construction of unique antique furniture

With a career spanning decade, «Baiards Carpentry and Restoration» has devoted its life to perfecting its craft. From its origins in Sant Llorenç de Savall, where a passion for restoring antique furniture was nurtured, to professional journeys to countries that have served as a source of cultural and creative inspiration for Baiards. Their dedication and skill have not gone unnoticed, attracting the attention of a select clientele consisting of prominent figures in the world of fashion and art.

Craftsmanship experience and skill

Extensive experience and skills in traditional woodworking and cabinetmaking techniques.

Attention to detail and precision

Meticulous attention to detail and a high level of precision in the work are required.

Knowledge of furniture history and styles

A skilled restorer understands the history of furniture and design styles throughout the ages.

Passion and commitment to craftsmanship

A dedication to excellence and a desire to keep the tradition of furniture restoration alive, showcasing a deep passion for the craft.

All styles in furniture and décor

Baiards offers a wide range of furniture and decorative items encompassing all styles and varieties. From rustic Provencal to modernism, art deco, retro, and beyond, along with an extensive collection of reinvented furniture crafted with taste and expertise.

Industrial style furniture

Our Sweet Wood collection presents a catalogue of unique and unconventional recreations of industrial furniture. Perfect for accentuating specific spaces in both residential and commercial settings, this style stands out like no other.

Traditional carpentry furniture

The use of fine wood and a commitment to traditional methods, tools, and techniques result in furniture with its own distinctive character, featuring original pieces with diverse reminiscences.

Revived antique furniture

From a carefully curated selection of antique furniture, restored and sometimes reinvented, an exceptional furniture offering captures the moment it will be relocated into the most contemporary homes.

Fusing antique and modern furniture in interior decoration

In an increasingly minimalist and contemporary world, restored and renovated furniture offers a unique charm that seamlessly blends antique pieces with modern styles in a harmonious way. This trend, which has become increasingly popular in the world of interior design, finds its appeal in the ability of antique furniture to add character and depth to contemporary spaces.

 Antique furniture, with its attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship, surprisingly adapts to cleaner, more minimalist designs. The combination of restored pieces with modern, simple lines creates a balanced aesthetic that evokes a sense of history and authenticity.

The perfect balance between history and contemporary design with Baiards vintage furniture

Some of the most celebrated interior designers, like Nate Berkus, embraced this trend long before it became mainstream. They recognized the beauty and uniqueness of restored furniture and skillfully incorporated them into their designs to create spaces that are both timeless and contemporary. With Baiards, you can achieve the perfect balance between honoring history and embracing modernity in your home decor.